What Kind Of Fabric Is Water-soluble Embroidery? Features Of Water-soluble Embroidery

September 27, 2021

It is embroidered by computer. The embroidery on the base fabric by the machine is treated with hot water to melt the water-soluble non-woven base fabric, and then leave a three-dimensional lace. Machine-embroidered lace has a wide variety of patterns, and the embroidered lace is exquisite and beautiful, uniform and uniform, and the image is more realistic, full of artistic and three-dimensional feeling. That's why there is such a nice name called Water Soluble Embroidery.


Water-soluble embroidery lace uses materials such as elastic spandex mesh, nylon mesh fabric, stretch frame (swimming suit) cloth as the base fabric, water-soluble paper as a backing, polyester, viscose and other source materials as the veil, and cotton yarn will be used as the back yarn. The ancient embroidery art is closely combined with modern advanced weaving and dyeing technology to produce a variety of richly patterned water-soluble embroidery lace products, which are widely used in the decoration of women's underwear.

The biggest difference between water-soluble embroidery lace and ordinary lace is that it can’t "what you see is what you get" like ordinary plate making. It has to go through a process called "water boiling" after embroidery is completed on the machine. The process makes the needle processing when printing water-soluble plates different from ordinary plate making. There are not many stitches in water-soluble plate making. Among them, the most commonly used stitches are the most common "flat needles" and "flat needles". It is almost impossible to use "tatami" and "E". Needle method like "needle". The success of a water-soluble pattern depends largely on the proficiency in the use of "flat stitches", so the importance of "flat stitches" in the water-soluble version cannot be said.

Because of the softer nature of this lace fabric, it is widely used in clothing and has won unanimous praise from the industry. Most garment factories will give priority to the design of this lace. The current technology is very good in the production of water-soluble embroidery lace. It is mature and can better produce water-soluble embroidery lace that meets the needs of customers. It has unique production technology in both the "poaching" process in the production of water-soluble embroidery lace and the stitching method. Can produce more high-quality water-soluble lace.

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