Characteristics Of African Wax Clothing

August 04, 2021

Clothing is an important way to increase the sense of beauty. Although the climate in Africa is hot and people dont like to wear much clothes.


Many women who love beauty, like wearing jewelry and gorgeous skirts. Wearing a distinctive headscarf can also make themselves become more beautiful. 

Many men like to put feathers or the mane of a wild beast on their heads. They also like to surround a piece of wild beast's fur to increase masculinity. 


The first characteristic is fat and loose.

Due to the hot weather in Africa, black clothes are usually generous. But they are topless and collarless. Most of them wear long robes and short-sleeved shirts. Some clothes-generally use light linen or relatively soft plain weave made of cotton fabric and silk material. The biggest advantage is that it absorbs sweat and allows wind.


The second characteristic is that the color is bright, rich, black men and women.

All like to wear brightly colored calico clothes, especially women. They are very particular about the color matching of clothing. They like the color has a big contrast. Under full sunlight, the appearance of clothing and the color contrasts sharply with the dark and delicate skin.It can set off the fullness and fitness of black women's unique style.


The third characteristic is the symbolic pattern or words on the clothing. 

Some patterns often reflect the tribal totem specific objects of worship, such as male lion, leopard, buffalo, big elephants, snakes, crocodiles, etc. They like to use the animals as the main content.

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