Crochet Fabric


Crochet fabric is one kind of knitted fabric, it has many different kinds, including crochet net fabric, crochet lace fabric, crochet jacquard fabric, crochet stretch fabric and so on.

Crochet can be used for garment, fashion dress, home textile, cushion, curtain an so on. It has different kinds of composition including polyester cotton, 100% cotton, 100%polyester, and polyester with spandex. As one of the high quality crochet fabric manufacturers, we have many different patterns and design styles and can provide customized services of crochet fabric and related fabrics according to customer needs. Crochet mesh fabric is a circular cutout design made with specialized hooks. The unique beauty of this fabric comes from its handmade appearance, adding texture and visual interest to any design. Crochet knit fabric is a popular choice, they feel great and are relatively easy to sew. Crochet knit fabrics tend to be comfortable against the skin, making them ideal for clothing; they are also ideal for blankets, scarves, headbands, or any other project that requires a soft material.


What Is Crochet Fabric?

Applications OF Crochet fabric 


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