Stretch Rhinestone Fabric


Stretch rhinestone fabric is any fabric covered with rhinestones or crystals.  It can be lightweight and transparent, like tulle or mesh, or thick and opaque, like tweed or wool. There are dozens of rhinestones in various shapes, sizes, and materials. From flat backs to pointed toes, from tiny caviar beads to statement crystals, there's a style for every design. They are machine cut or molded and have varying degrees of light refraction depending on their cut and quality. For example, lead glass rhinestones have better light transmission than rhinestones made of pure glass. The most common rhinestone shapes are round, oval, square, octagon and round. Rhinestone fabric is usually cheaper in the price range. They can also use heat-set rhinestones with heat-sensitive adhesive on the back. Stretch rhinestone fabric is popular with fashion designers because heat setting creates a strong bond between the rhinestones and the surface they are applied to. Other durable methods include hand sewing and using rhinestones in metal settings.


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