What Kind Of Fabric Is Nylon? Do You Know Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

August 24, 2021

The advantages of nylon are: high strength, stable shrinkage, good moisture absorption, very light, slippery and waxy, very good abrasion resistance, higher than all other fibers, 10 times higher than cotton, 20 times higher than wool, in blended fabrics Adding some nylon in the middle can greatly improve its abrasion resistance; it is not easy to pilling, and its resilience and wind resistance are also very good. Therefore, women's underwear, stockings, swimwear, yoga clothes, sportswear, windbreakers, down jackets all like to use nylon fabrics. The disadvantages are: poor air permeability, easy to generate static electricity, poor wrinkle resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, not suitable for exposing the sun, and easy to yellow in the sun.

The washing and maintenance methods of nylon fabrics are as follows:

1. The detergent is not very demanding, and the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, so as not to affect the fabric due to the temperature being too hot.

2. Do not rub violently when washing to avoid small hair balls.

3. After washing light-colored clothing, rinse it a few times, otherwise it will be easy to yellow over time.

4. Avoid exposure and drying, and dry in the shade.

5. Nylon has poor heat resistance, so ironing must be done at low temperature, steam must be used, not dry ironing.

Nylon is also widely used in industry. Nylon can be used to make cords, industrial fabrics, cables, conveyor belts, tents, fishing nets, etc. In national defense, it is mainly used as parachutes and other military fabrics.


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