The Most IN Top Ten Fashion Printed Fabrics

November 05, 2021

From geometric figures to flower patterns, from digital printing to weaving and embroidery, we see a vibrant printing world. Under the appearance of a large number of printed fashions, what are the most IN game methods?

NO. 1 figurative flowers

What else can call the new season as intuitively as a flower? The richly colored pastoral flowers bloom on coats and dresses. From painted colors to styling designs, it is really chaotic flowers that are gradually fascinating.

Recommended styles: dresses, shirts, and stitching with other styles.

NO.2 Retro custom flowers

All kinds of vintage floral and soft chiffon prints have updated the trend forecast of the retro style of the general printing trend. The combination of vintage custom flowers and the elegant and typical shapes of the 70s leads us on a nostalgic journey.

Style recommendation: ONE PIECE dress, windbreaker jacket, shirt, clothing ingredients.

NO.3 psychedelic universe starry sky

At the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in New York recently, cosmic prints and solar system patterns were particularly eye-catching.

The tie-dye trend has faded, and bright psychedelic and otherworldly prints have become a trend.

The realistic galaxy, celestial bodies, and constellations are used as patterned backgrounds to shake the earth.

Recommended styles: coats, dresses, trousers.

NO.4 Fun Poker

Playing card patterns made their debut at the recent exhibition and were chosen to be worn by many hipsters during Fashion Week, becoming a new generation of printing overlords.

The iconic poker, symbols, and royal characters have been reinterpreted and are full of fun.

Recommended styles: dresses, half skirts, jumpsuits, shirts.

NO.5 animal head portrait

The animal heads processed with digital effects continue the animal heads trend of the last two seasons, highlighting the psychedelic wildness. This flowing leopard pattern will become a magic weapon for every girl who wants to "spread the wild" this spring and summer.

Recommended styles: baseball jackets, pencil skirts, dresses, clothing ingredients, etc.

NO.6 Symphony Feather

The luster of illusion appears on the feathers, and the overlapping of feather prints and jewelry brings luxurious elements, rich texture, and creates a mysterious and charming atmosphere.

Recommended styles: suits, suspenders dresses, trousers, and skirts.

NO.7 Urban Jungle

The urban buildings in the decorative painting style are more tense and avant-garde. Of course, you don't need to wrap them with prints from head to toe. A simple dress is enough to meet the scene.

Recommended styles: FREE SIZE jacket, ONEPIECE dress.

NO.8 digital reflection water pattern

Digital glitch effect and distortion technology printing to create the beauty of the digital age, the combination of fluorescent colors and black and white images, distortion and distorted printing to create a new visual effect, the flowers are stretched and distorted to show the feeling of water ripples.

Recommended styles: dresses, jackets, skirts

NO.9 Silhouette decorative painting

The geometric silhouette decorative painting feels printed to create a simple and avant-garde charm, which is a great choice for individual people who are tired of copying flowers.

Recommended styles: coats, suits, skirts, clothing ingredients.

NO.10 geological rock texture

The geological rock texture printing reflects the natural evolution of time, creating a primitive and rugged printing style, leading to the trend of minimalism.

Recommended styles: dresses, half skirts, trousers, jackets, clothing ingredients, etc.

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