How To Buy Curtain Fabric?

September 29, 2021

First come home decoration can not do without curtains, curtains not only have the function of sound insulation and light adjustment, but also prevent peeping. So what should you pay attention to when buying curtains? What are the precautions for buying curtains?


How to buy curtains:

1. The size and style of curtains

The size and style of curtains are mainly determined according to the style and size of the window. For ordinary windows, choose side-by-side curtains, and for very narrow windows, choose single-open curtains. Use floor-to-ceiling curtains for floor-to-ceiling windows. The length of half-length window curtains should be 30 cm below the window sill.

The color and style of the curtains should be determined according to the room where the curtains are used and the interior decoration of the house. It is best to choose warm-toned curtains in the living room and bedroom, and fresh-color curtains for office areas such as the study.


2. The fabric of the curtain

The choice of curtain fabric, you can choose curtains according to the role of the curtains. If the curtains are for shading and ventilation, then choose a thinner fabric curtain; if it is to protect your privacy, then choose a thicker fabric with better shading effect.

Different curtain fabrics are used for different windows. The south-facing windows are suitable for hanging curtains of tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics, and the warm-colored and somewhat heavy curtains of the north-facing rooms are better.

In addition, the curtain fabric selected when buying curtains is best to not shrink, wrinkle resistance, discoloration and high temperature resistance and high practicality.


Precautions for buying curtains:

1. When buying curtains, pay attention to shopping around, and choose economical curtains to buy.

2. When buying curtains, be sure not to be fooled by the store. It is very important to know the cost price of the curtains. For some decorations on the curtains, carefully consider whether you need it or not. Don't just do what the store says.

3. When buying curtains, the choice of fabric is different from that of clothes. The choice of fabric for curtains mainly depends on the thickness, drape, color, size, etc. of the fabric.

4. Remember to collect surplus materials when making curtains.

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