10 Kinds Of Essential Fabric Knowledge For Autumn And Winter, Clothing People Must See! (4)

November 05, 2021

04 Linen

The trend of minimalism is endless, and the linen fabrics are becoming more and more advanced. Wearing breathable it is often used in summer clothing, but in this autumn and winter, simple, natural linen is still a popular fabric.

The linen fabric is breathable, has a good natural luster, and is not easy to fade and shrink.

It has the functions of temperature regulation, anti-allergic, anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-moth, and is not easy to be damp. Flax is also very hygroscopic and can absorb water equivalent to 20 times its own weight, so flax tends to feel dry.

However, it feels rough, wrinkles easily, and has poor sag.

1. Washing: Hand-washing is recommended for loose-textured linen shirts; detergents with bleaching effect cannot be used; dark linen shirts must be washed separately in cold water for the first time;

2. Drying: It is advisable to spread and dry in a cool place, and try to keep the surface as flat as possible to avoid wrinkles. Do not expose to the sun to avoid fading. White linen shirts may turn yellow when exposed to the sun;

3. Ironing: It is best to iron in a slightly damp state, ironing should be moderate, excessive drying and ironing will make the shirt hard. After ironing, hang up or flatten the clothes and let them dry naturally.

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