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August 08, 2021

The jacquard fabric pattern is prominent, and the surface of the fabric has a three-dimensional feeling. It is different patterns formed by interweaving and changing longitude and latitude, and the cloth surface is concave and convex. The fabric is soft and smooth, with unique texture, good gloss, drape and good air permeability. Suitable for making curtains, clothes and sofas.

1. The pattern can be divided into large jacquard and small jacquard.

2. It can be divided into multicolor jacquard and monochrome jacquard.

3. Jacquard fabrics are also divided into plain jacquard and twill jacquard.

Large jacquard fabric has large and exquisite patterns, clear color layers and strong three-dimensional sense. Small jacquard fabrics are fine and the patterns are relatively simple. Although the patterns are not very prominent, they are widely used.

Multicolor jacquard fabric, also known as yarn dyed jacquard fabric, is jacquard weaving after yarn dyeing, and finally finishing. Therefore, yarn dyed jacquard has more than two colors, rich fabric colors, not monotonous, three-dimensional pattern and high grade.

Plain jacquard fabric is characterized by many warp and weft interweaving points, firm texture, scraping and flat surface. High grade embroidered fabrics are generally plain fabrics. Twill jacquard fabric is thick and has a strong three-dimensional sense.

The pattern of jacquard fabric is woven, not printed or embroidered. At present, jacquard fabrics are very popular in the market. The selection of fabric customization ensures the quality of the fabric, and the special requirements of the fabric can also be met.

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