Three Common Lace Fabrics

February 10, 2021

Chemical fiber lace is the most common type of lace fabric, and its material is mainly nylon and spandex. Its texture is generally thin and hard. If it is directly eroded, it may feel a little prickly. But the advantages of chemical fiber lace fabric are low cost, many patterns, many colors, and strong and not easy to break. The disadvantages of chemical fiber lace fabric are bad handle, pricking, can't be ironed at high temperature, basically no elasticity, and can't be worn as close fitting clothes.

Cotton lace, as the name suggests, is the lace fabric woven with cotton thread. Because all cotton lace fabrics are made of cotton, the thickness is generally thicker and the handle is generally rough. The advantages and disadvantages of cotton lace fabric are similar to cotton lace fabric. The shape of cotton lace fabric is a little more than cotton lace fabric, the cost is a little more expensive, and it is not easy to wrinkle, but it is thicker, not easy to fold and bend.

Embroidered lace fabric is embroidered with cotton, polyester and other thread on a layer of gauze net, and then cut off the outline. Because the lining is gauze net, the handle will change according to the hardness of the gauze net, but generally speaking, the softer embroidered lace made of softer gauze net will be better. The advantages of embroidered lace fabric are soft and smooth handle, not easy to wrinkle, can be folded and boring, good elasticity. The disadvantages are that it can't be ironed at high temperature, less modeling and easy to tear. Generally speaking, the clothing with high requirements for softness and materials will basically use embroidered lace fabrics, such as skirt lining and underwear.

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