What Kind Of Fabric Is Woven Cotton? Is The Woven Cotton Fabric Good?

August 30, 2021

Is the woven cotton fabric good?

Woven cotton is one of the woven fabrics, which is produced by the production method of woven fabrics. It has the following characteristics:

1. Hygroscopicity, because it is a cotton material, the water absorption of cotton fiber is good, so the water absorption of woven cotton is also excellent. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of the fiber can reach 80%. Because it is made of cotton, the human body will not feel uncomfortable due to the clothes being too stiff when it is wet. After a period of time, after the moisture in the woven cotton clothing starts to evaporate, the clothing will return to the previous state, achieving a comfortable feeling

2. Thermal insulation. The thermal conductivity of cotton is low. The lower the coefficient, the slower the conduction of heat, and the heat can be well preserved. And because of the horizontal and vertical interweaving form, a certain air circle is formed in the woven cotton, and the heat preservation effect is more obvious.

3. Good heat resistance effect. Temperature conditions below 110 degrees Celsius will only cause the water in the woven cotton to evaporate. Only when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius will the clothes reach the ignition point and burn. In the normal laundry process, woven cotton clothes can be washed normally without much damage to the clothes.

4. Non-toxic. Cotton fiber is a non-toxic fiber to the human body. When we wear it, it will not cause harm when it comes in contact with our skin. Because natural is the best.

Woven cotton is one of the weaving processes, and there are many other processes. The clothes woven by different processes will have different quality and varieties. We can choose the one that suits us according to our needs and preferences.

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