What Kind Of Fabric Is Polyester Spandex

August 12, 2021


Spandex is a polyurethane fiber. Because of its excellent elasticity, it is also called elastic fiber. It has been widely used in clothing fabrics. The main features of spandex fabric are:

⑴The elasticity of spandex is very high. Generally, 100% polyurethane is not used in general products, and 5~30% of the fabric is mixed. The obtained spandex fabrics have 15%~45% comfortable elasticity.

⑵Spandex fabric is often made of composite yarn, that is, spandex is the core, and other fibers (such as nylon, polyester, etc.) are used as the skin to make a core-spun elastic fabric. It has good adaptability to the body and is very suitable for tights. No sense of oppression.

⑶The appearance style and wearing performance of the spandex elastic fabric are similar to the similar products of the outer fiber fabric covered.



1. The grade of fabrics and clothing mainly depends on the technology of textile and clothing, and has little to do with raw fiber. For example, some nylon garments cost more than ten yuan, and some thousands of yuan. There is no distinction between high and low grades of raw materials.

2. Underwear fabrics generally do not use nylon or spandex alone, but are often blended and interwoven with other fibers. Especially spandex, the general content is about 5%.

Biggest advantage

The biggest advantage of spandex fabric is that it has good elasticity. It can be stretched 5-8 times without aging. Spandex cannot be woven alone. It is generally woven with other materials. The proportion of spandex is about 3-10%. The proportion reached 20%. Spandex fiber is a synthetic fiber with high elongation at break (above 400%), low modulus and high elastic recovery rate.

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