Classification Of Lace

August 22, 2020

There are several kinds of lace commonly used in wedding dresses

1. Alencon lace;

Point d'Alencon (Alencon needled lace,) was first produced in the French town of Alencon during the Louis XIV period. It is one of the most common lace used in wedding dresses, and has the reputation of ladentelle desreines.

Alencon lace is generally woven from flax thread, and the pattern of the ground organization is flowers, pendants, etc. You can see a thick silk thread outlines the obvious outline of the flower, sometimes inlaid with beads, crystals, etc. This kind of lace is relatively thick and stiff, and is often used to shape the outline of a wedding dress. The mopping part used to make wedding dresses should work well.

2. Chantilly lace (Chantilly)

It is a classic fabric of lace for wedding dresses. Materials include real silk, pure cotton, chemical fiber, etc. The ground structure is consistent with the outline of the main pattern, generally in the shape of a six-pointed star. The main pattern adopts the "one stitch and half stitch" method, the net-like flower pattern has obvious contrast of light and shadow, strong three-dimensional effect, and rich pattern details. Sometimes it is decorated with ribbons, which is full of fairy spirit.

In addition, Chantilly lace is light, thin, and highly transparent. The best Chantilly uses silk as raw material, which has a special luster. Choosing Chantilly as a wedding dress can fully show the bride's figure curve. Chantilly is a good choice for veil, shawl, or partial pattern decoration of wedding dress.

The 2014 vera wang spring/summer wedding dress conference in New York, the combination of black silk Chantilly lace and white wedding dress made people shine.

3.Duchesse lace

This kind of lace is called Duchess lace. The pattern of this kind of lace is very irregular, with a lot of embossed lace, and the lines are relatively rough.

4.Spanish lace (Spanish lace)

Rose pattern embroidery is embroidered on Spanish lace, which is luxurious style and will be woven with gold and silver threads. Often used to make veils, shawls, etc.

5.Venise lace (Venise lace)

Venetian lace is heavier and uses bold embroidery techniques to depict flowers, branches and leaves, geometric patterns, etc. The patterns are connected by silk threads, and the patterns can be cut arbitrarily, and a part of the fabric is fully utilized. According to the wedding decoration style, where to embellish it, so easy!

In addition, the Venetian lace pattern is high-profile and has a good relief effect, which is especially suitable for the expression of Baroque style.


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