What Is Washable Cotton? What Are The Characteristics Of The Fabric?

August 19, 2021

Characteristics of washed cotton fabrics

Washability is the main feature of washable cotton. In addition, the color of washable cotton is very good. It will not fade after dyeing. The fabric will not deform without forced stretching. The comfort of the fabric can be comparable to that of pure cotton fabric. The cloth surface will have a slight wrinkle, but generally there is no need to iron.

Thermal insulation is a common feature of cotton. Of course, washed cotton also has this characteristic, so washed cotton is often used in the production of clothing and bedding. With the continuous improvement and improvement of washed cotton processing technology, the product richness of fabrics is becoming higher and higher, and even washed cotton is found in the field of furniture.

Because of the particularity of washed cotton function, its processing cost is high, and the price of fabric will increase. Due to the reasons of cotton fiber itself, washed cotton fabric can not avoid the phenomenon of balloon.


The difference between washed cotton and pure cotton

Selection of raw materials: the raw materials of washed cotton are cotton or polyester, and pure cotton is only made of cotton.

The processing technology is different: the former is made through complex processing, while pure cotton is woven with cotton.

Different functional characteristics: the former is resistant to water washing and not easy to shrink, while pure cotton. On the contrary, washed cotton fabric has better tensile ability than pure cotton, but both have the effects of moisture absorption and air permeability.


Use of washed cotton

Washed cotton fabrics are mainly used in the field of clothing, such as vests, dresses and short sleeves. In terms of home textiles, washed cotton will be mainly used to produce bedding, such as quilt covers, pillow cases and bed sheets. Of course, now it is also popular to wash cotton sofa.

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