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August 17, 2021
  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of rayon fabric

(1) What kind of fabric is rayon?

Rayon refers to rayon, and rayon is the general term for viscose fiber. The basic composition of viscose fiber is cellulose. Its raw material is natural fiber, which is made by alkalization, aging, yellowing and other processes. Therefore, viscose fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which belongs to man-made fiber. Viscose fiber is one of the first chemical fibers to be put into industrial production. The application of viscose fiber is mainly for all kinds of clothing and decorative textiles.

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(2) Advantages and disadvantages of rayon fabric

1. The advantages of rayon fabric

Rayon has good moisture absorption, is comfortable to wear, and has excellent spinnability. It is often blended or interwoven with cotton, wool or various synthetic fibers, and is used in various clothing and decorative textiles. High-strength viscose fiber can also be used in industrial products such as tire cords and conveyor belts.

2. Disadvantages of rayon fabric

The disadvantage of rayon is that it is not acid resistant, and its resilience and fatigue resistance are relatively poor. It will lose its elasticity and fluffy after wearing it for a long time, and it will have a feeling of hardening. And the wet mechanical strength is low. It is easy to fade after washing frequently, so the color will become darker and old as you go later, and the clothes will look old. And it's best to wash it by hand, and it's best to wash it gently and quickly.

Second, what is the difference between rayon and pure cotton

What is the difference between rayon and pure cotton? The main difference between rayon and pure cotton lies in appearance, strength, burning phenomenon, etc. The following is a detailed introduction.

1. Appearance

The appearance of rayon and pure cotton are very similar, but artificial technology tends to make the appearance of the same item more delicate and beautiful. Therefore, rayon has more gloss than pure cotton, the appearance of rayon is brighter and brighter, and the surface of rayon is flat and clean, free of impurities. The pure cotton belongs to real cotton, and its surface must have certain impurities, so the smoothness of pure cotton is not as good as that of artificial cotton.

2. Powerful

The strength of rayon is relatively low, especially in a humid environment, the firmness of rayon is very poor. When drawing and stretching from the edge of the cloth, the cotton yarn of rayon is easy to break, while pure cotton is not easy. fracture. Therefore, the texture of artificial cotton is generally made thicker, not as light and thin as real cotton.

3. Burning phenomenon

Artificial cotton burns fiercely when it is close to the flame, and the reaction is quite violent, just like we burn plastic, it will curl and melt. The pure cotton will not shrink or melt near the flame, and the flame will be orange with blue smoke. Therefore, burning is also the simplest and most obvious way to distinguish between other people's cotton and pure cotton. In addition, there will be small differences between rayon and pure cotton in terms of color, verticality, and feel.

Third, what is the difference between appointment and dismissal and modal

What is the difference between Renmian and Modal? Rayon and Modal are mainly due to different raw materials, different hand feelings, different properties, etc. The following is a detailed introduction.

1. Different raw materials

(1) Modal: It is made by special spinning process after making wood pulp from bush forests produced in Europe.

(2) Rayon: It is a cellulose fiber obtained by extracting and reshaping fiber molecules from natural wood cellulose.

2. Different feel

(1) Modal: It has very good softness and excellent hygroscopicity, but its own material is relatively poor in crispness, so it is generally used as a close-fitting fabric.

(2) Rayon: It has both the essence of cotton and the quality of silk, so it is widely used in all kinds of underwear, textiles, clothing, non-woven and other fields.

3. Different in nature

(1) Modal: The dry strength of Modal is similar to that of polyester.

(2) Rayon: The chemical composition of Rayon is similar to cotton, so it is more resistant to alkali but not acid, and has poor laborability and low wet mechanical strength.

The above is about the advantages and disadvantages of rayon, what is the difference between rayon and pure cotton, and the difference between rayon and modal. I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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