What Is The Difference Between Flame Retardant Fabric And High Temperature Resistant Fabric?

September 28, 2021

Flame retardant fabric and high temperature resistant fabric. 

Flame retardant fabric is to use process for flame retardant treatment on the basis of dyed fabric, or add flame retardant with flame retardant function to the fiber through polymer polymerization, blending, copolymerization, composite spinning, joint extrusion modification and other technologies, so as to make the fiber flame retardant. 

The finished product can not only effectively prevent the spread of flame, but also protect the original performance of the fabric, automatically extinguish or effectively slow down the spread of flame, carbonize the fabric to form an isolation layer, but also has the characteristics of insoluble droplets and non delayed combustion in case of fire, and has a good flame retardant effect.

Many people think that flame retardant fabrics, like high temperature resistant fabrics, will not burn. Flame retardant fabrics can burn when they encounter a flame, but they can stop burning immediately after the flame leaves. 


Here are some differences between flame retardant fabrics and high temperature resistant fabrics. High temperature resistant cloth will not burn and age under ultra-high temperature of 360 ℃; Flame retardant fabrics can burn under high temperature flame.

Flame retardant fabrics can extinguish the flame after the fire source leaves; High temperature resistant fabric will not extinguish itself when the fire source leaves after ignition. Flame retardant fabric is made of cotton, polyester and other raw materials.

High temperature resistant fabric adopts high-quality imported glass fiber as woven material. High temperature resistant cloth can resist the corrosion of almost all pharmaceutical articles and will not age or deform under strong acid-base conditions; Flame retardant cloth does not have such function.

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