What Is Ribbed Knitted Fabric

September 24, 2021

Rib knitted fabric is a kind of knitted fabric in which the root yarns are formed in wales on the front and back sides in sequence.

        Rib knitted fabric has the dispersibility, hemming and extensibility of plain weave fabric, and also has greater elasticity.

        Ribbed knitted fabrics are often used on the collar and cuffs of T-shirts and shirts. They will have a better body-fitting effect and have great elasticity (more elastic than ordinary stretch cotton), which is mainly used for casual style clothing.


        Relative to plain weave, the most common cotton socks that don't have anything are plain weave, and the rib-like protruding ones are ribbed.


        Rib weave is one of the basic weft-knitted fabrics. It is a product that is combined in a certain form by the front and back wales knitting methods. Rib knitted fabrics have greater elasticity and extensibility when stretched horizontally, and can be used in inner and outer clothing products that require a certain degree of elasticity, such as elastic vests, pullover cuffs, elastic shirts, necklines and trousers, etc.

        What kind of fabric is ribbed cotton? Rib cotton is also called thread cotton. It is a knitted product that uses high-quality yarns to be woven from the front and back in a circle. The so-called rib is the rib with protruding strips on the surface. Compared with traditional plain weave cloth, its dispersibility, extensibility, and elasticity are more excellent. It is widely used to make the collar and cuffs of clothes, which can be seen in our usual clothes.


        There are many composite weaves derived from rib weaves. The most important rib weaves are rib air layer weave and dot weave. Ribbed air layer weave is a composite of ribbed weave and flat needle weave. This kind of organization has small lateral extensibility, good dimensional stability, and has the advantages of thickness and scratch resistance. The dot pattern structure is a composite of incomplete rib structure and incomplete plain stitch structure. Gen Chuan is a complete organization with two kinds of coil configuration sequence, among which there are Swiss style and French style. The Swiss-style dot pattern has a relatively compact structure, low elongation performance, and good dimensional stability. The French-style dot pattern has the characteristics of clear longitudinal lines, larger width, and fuller surface. Both of these organizations are widely used in the production of knitted outerwear.

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