What Is The Composition Of Satin? What Is The Material Of Satin?

September 09, 2021

Polyester low-stretch yarn is the material. The fabric structure is made of satin plain weave to change the texture. The fabric is interwoven on an air-jet loom. After the grey fabric is processed by desizing, preshrinking, and softening, the fabric is breathable and has a soft feel. Smooth, the width of the fabric is 150cm.

With the high oil prices, the cost of upstream materials has continued to rise. The overview and price of elastic satin fabrics have caused the market price of white billets to soar; and the quotations of market grey fabrics have also risen.


The cleaning of elastic satin fabric should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. It is not advisable to scrub hard when scrubbing, scrubbing with a washboard, or scrubbing hard with a hard-bristled brush. It is better to use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub in the direction of the fluff.

2. It should be washed with warm water of 35 degrees, and the water temperature should not be too high.

3. When ironing satin fabric clothes, don't press the iron directly on it, this auspicious fluff will be overwhelmed and produce aurora. It's best to choose a steam-jet iron with a temperature of 180°C and operate it back and forth quietly. If the iron cannot blow air, cover the wet cotton on the clothes. Don't wear the satin clothes that have just been ironed and briefly explain how to clean the satin fabric, otherwise it will be deformed. Do not iron if you don't know how to operate.

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