What Printing Method Is Suitable For Silk Fabrics

September 16, 2021

Silk fabric is a kind of thin and hard fabric. It is a kind of flame retardant fiber with heat resistance and high temperature resistance. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, heat dissipation, dust absorption and sound absorption.

The texture of silk fabric is soft and smooth, the feel is soft and light, the designs and colors are rich and uniform, and it is cool and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for making summer clothes, pajamas, shirts, skirts and other lightweight clothes requiring ventilation and heat dissipation.

In various printing methods, acid, neutral, direct, reactive, cationic, reducing, soluble reducing and other dyes are generally used for printing.

Silk fabric is suitable for almost all printing methods. The dyes in digital printing are divided into acid dyes, reactive dyes and disperse dyes. Silk fabric basically does not have chemical reaction in these three dyes, and its dyeing performance is particularly good, so silk fabric is suitable for all kinds of digital printing methods.

Silk fabric is suitable for all printing methods, but because silk fabric is easy to be damaged in alkaline medium, it is generally dominated by acid dyes, supplemented by neutral, direct and reactive dyes.

Silk fabrics can be divided into thin and medium-sized according to the square meter weight of the fabric. According to different dyeing and printing processing methods, the effect is also different.

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