One Yard (yd) ≠ One Meter (m)

September 17, 2021

One yard (yd) ≠ one meter (m)

In fabric buying and selling, it may be more common for everyone to buy and sell according to "meter" or "weight", but in real life, fabric buying and selling are not only traded according to meters or weight, but some people will also trade according to "yard".

JD-ML95-S (3)

Some people will be curious, where did this "yard" unit come from? How come there are such units, weird.

"yard" is a unit of length in the British and American system. There will be more involved in foreign trade business. Now this "yard" unit not only appears in foreign trade business, but also domestic people use "yard" as the unit.


What is the difference between "yard" and "meter"? One yard equals one meter? Of course, there is a difference between a yard and a meter. One yard ≠ one meter. Don't make a mistake, otherwise the loss will be great!

1 yard (yd) = 0.9144 meters (m)

1 meter (m) ~= 1.0936133 yards (yd)

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