What Is Functional Fiber? What Are The Common Varieties?

September 18, 2021

(1) Far-infrared fiber. Far-infrared radiation is added to the fiber, which can penetrate into the human body and cause the human cell to resonate to produce a warming effect.

(2) Anti-ultraviolet fibers As the atmosphere becomes thinner, the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are increasing, and the harm to human skin is also increasing. Therefore, it is more important to try to reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body. Add anti-ultraviolet fibers to the fibers. Powder, the fabric produced by weaving has anti-ultraviolet function.

(3) Anti-electromagnetic wave radiation fiber With the increasing application of mobile phones and various electronic products, the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body has also attracted increasing attention. The radiation power of various electronic equipment has increased by 30 times in recent years. Plated with 30% silver material, the fiber becomes a kind of fiber with excellent electrical conductivity. The fabric woven can reflect 96.7% to 99.97% of electromagnetic waves, so as to play an electromagnetic shielding effect. Because the fiber is plated with silver, it has reflective heat. The clothing made is warm in winter and cool in summer. At the same time, it has excellent antibacterial effect and inhibits the proliferation of white ringworm and mold.

(4) The air around the negative ion fiber forest, hot springs and waterfalls, due to the large number of negative ions, makes people mentally stable, which can reduce human fatigue and improve human immunity. If a trace of rare earth ore containing radioactive substances is crushed to extremely fine In the spinning solution of fine particles and mixed fibers, the fibers produce the effects and effects of negative ions. If they are mixed with far-infrared radiating ore at the same time, the fabric woven from fibers where the negative ions and far-infrared coexist can make more than 60% of the human body. The moisture is activated.

(5) In the process of fiber polymerization, the antibacterial fiber introduces antibacterial materials to make it evenly combined in the slices. It is spun into long filaments on ordinary polyester spinning equipment. It has durability and has a sterilization rate against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. More than 99%, can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, play an antibacterial and deodorant effect. In the past, it has been applied in post-processing, but the antibacterial ingredients are easy to fall off.

(6) The flame retardant fiber is added with a fully dispersed and uniform flame retardant in the fiber polymerization, or a copolymer flame retardant is added in the polymerization to prepare flame retardant chips, and then spinning, weaving, etc., the L01 value is more than 30% , It can fully achieve the flame retardant effect.

(7) Maifan stone fiber is specially treated with high-tech technology to make each of the trace elements firmly and persistently adsorbed on the fiber macromolecules. This kind of fiber is called Maifan stone fiber. It can replenish the lack of elements to the human body at any time, maintain the metabolism and physiological functions of the capillary, promote and improve the microcirculation of the human body, have anti-itching, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, deodorant and other health effects on the human body, and prevent cancer, syphilis and other skins. The miraculous pharmacological effects of diseases.

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