How To Maintain Printed Fabrics?

November 02, 2021

As a fabric with a high usage rate, printed fabrics are deeply loved by people. However, printed fabrics are different from embroidery. They are easy to fade, lose materials, and fold, which makes it a headache to wash.

How to maintain printed fabrics?

Saltwater soaking method: It is most suitable for the color fading problem of colored clothes. If there is a slight color fading, you can soak it in light saltwater for ten minutes before each washing.

Back-drying method: Most of the fabric clothes can not be directly irradiated by the sun because ultraviolet rays are the culprit of the clothes fading, so it is not only necessary to dry the clothes in reverse, and try to avoid the shade and ventilated places.

How to clean printed fabrics?

First, soak a corner of the printed fabric, and then wipe a few times with a white cloth on the printed area.

1. Be sure to wash correctly, do not soak, rinse with cold water alone, and dry it with dehydration. If bleeding occurs accidentally, rinse thoroughly again immediately.

2. If possible, dry cleaning can be sent.

3. If you accidentally get edible oil, you can scrub with detergent as soon as possible; for industrial oil stains, use pine perfume or gasoline to scrub, and then rinse with detergent and water (not hot water).

Note for washing printed fabrics:

The printing series are used normally and maintained normally. The color will fade after the pure cotton is put in the water. This is normal, please wash it by hand. Printing and dyeing prints have a smell, it is good as soon as it is exposed to the sun, or it can be air-dried. It is a normal smell.

1. Bleaching water, bleaching solution, and 84 disinfectants all have the effect of bleaching. Colored clothes must be used with caution. Color bleaching solution can be used for white and colored clothes. It has the function of washing and color protection, and is the best-bleached Soak for a few minutes with a softener.

2. Washing powder now generally contains phosphorus and bleaching function, which will reflect the printing and cause the printing to fall off.

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