Lace Fabric Cleaning

November 14, 2019

1. When cleaning lace fabrics, use a mild soap or a cleaner specifically for delicate textiles. Do not use concentrated detergents, bleaching agents, etc., which will cause more damage to the cloth. These cleaners will greatly affect the color stability. Degree, spoils good products.

2. Spread the towel in the sink before cleaning, and then use the towel to remove the lace after washing. This will prevent the lace from accidentally breaking.

3. Wrap the wet lace in a towel to absorb the moisture, and then spread them on the tabletop to dry naturally.

Do not store lace clothing in a humid, airless place to avoid plaque and discoloration. Avoid storing chemicals such as desiccants, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. directly on silk fabrics during storage; if you accidentally touch them, wash them in time, otherwise It is easy to cause the silk fabric to turn yellow and black. When hanging in the closet, you must choose to hang it on a smooth hanger to avoid placing it with rough and hard clothes to prevent lace from breaking. Lace sleeves clothes are hung on hangers. It is best to use a cloth hanger or wrap the two ends of the hanger with a small towel, the sleeves will not be deformed or it will not be easy to be hooked; part of the lace fabric is straight into the elastic fiber to make the clothes elastic, but not too strong Or stretch the elastic fiber for a long time, it will cause the elastic bars in the fiber to fall off and go out of the clothes; if you see this phenomenon in the field, you can cut off the protruding parts of the elastic bars without affecting the appearance of the clothes.

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