What Should I Do If The Lace Fabric Is Trimmed And Hooked?

November 27, 2019

Lace fabrics are hollow lace fabrics, many of which are machine-made. If the fabric is hung or hooked, it is easy to hook silk. There are also some lace fabric edges that are easy to fall off, and the effect of destroying the clothes after they are made into clothes. In this case, be treated differently.

If it is a pure fiber lace fabric, after hooking or taking off the edge, carefully pull out the scattered area, and then use a lighter or candle to carefully burn it. Because the chemical fiber fabric melts when exposed to temperature, the silk is fused together and it will not continue to disperse.

If it is a lace fabric containing natural fibers, cotton lace, silk lace, these will not work if burned, but just sew with a hand similar to the color of the lace fabric, and sew loose edges or broken packages. Fortunately, the lace is the effect of hollowing out, all made of silk, with a few hand stitches on it, only a little careful, almost barely visible.

Lace fabrics are hollow lace fabrics

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