Fabric Knowledge That The Garment Textile Industry Have To Master

August 26, 2021

Fabrics are the foundation of clothing textiles, and understanding fabrics is the foundation of people in the clothing textile industry. With the development of science and technology, in the big world of clothing, textiles and home furnishing, fabrics are varied and changing with each passing day. In addition to natural fabrics, more and more mixed fabrics have begun to be used in the field of clothing, textiles and home furnishings. What do different fabrics look like? What are the characteristics? Today we are here to chat.

According to the characteristics of clothing textile fabrics, it can be divided into: cotton, linen, silk, woolen cloth, leather, chemical fiber, and blended fabrics; we observe and identify these fabrics not only by vision, but also by hearing, touch and even smell. Under this premise, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of each fabric.

What is cotton fabric?

Cotton fabric is one of the fabrics commonly used in the field of clothing, textiles and home furnishing. Cotton is a natural fabric, and it is most suitable to be made into clothing textiles. However, because of its characteristics, 100% cotton fabrics are rarely seen in the market. Usually, we are used to calling pure cotton with a cotton content of more than 95%.

In the field of clothing and textiles, the storage, use and custody of cotton cloth should be protected from moisture and mildew, and should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. There are many varieties of pure cotton fabrics with different designs and colors. According to the dyeing method, it can be divided into primary color cotton, dyed cotton, printed cotton, and yarn-dyed cotton; it can also be divided into plain weave, twill, forged cloth and so on according to the fabric structure. Therefore, in the process of design creation, according to the different characteristics of the cotton cloth to achieve the desired creativity, and use the physical color card to help stimulate more color inspiration.

What is linen fabric?

Hemp cloth is a cloth made of hemp, flax, ramie, jute, sisal, abaca and other hemp plant fibers. It is generally used to make casual clothes and work clothes, and it is also used to make ordinary summer clothes. The advantages of hemp are extremely high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, and good air permeability. Its disadvantage is that it is not very comfortable to wear, and its appearance is rough and rigid.

What is silk fabric?

Silk is a general term for all kinds of silk fabrics woven from silk as raw material. Like cotton, it has many varieties and different personalities. It can be used to make all kinds of clothes, especially suitable for making ladies' clothes. Its strengths are lightness, fit, softness, smoothness, breathability, brilliant colors, luster, elegance, and comfort. Its shortcomings are that it is prone to wrinkles, easy to suck, not strong enough, and fades faster.

What is wool fabric?

Woolen cloth, also called wool, is a general term for fabrics woven from various types of wool and cashmere. It is usually used to make formal and high-end clothing such as dresses, suits, and overcoats. Its advantages are anti-wrinkle and abrasion resistance, soft hand feeling, elegant and elastic, and strong warmth retention. Its main disadvantage is that it is difficult to wash and is not suitable for making summer clothes.

What is Polyester fabric?

The chemical name of polyester is polyester fiber. Polyester fiber fabric is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester that is polycondensed with organic dibasic acid and glycol. It should be known that polyester is the largest variety of synthetic fibers at present. It has excellent elasticity and recovery properties. The fabric is not easy to wrinkle, good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, durability and excellent light resistance.

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