Attentions in the production of knitted fabrics

In order to produce good quality knitted fabrics, we must strictly follow the production process of knitted fabrics. Today, Xiaobian will explain the precautions of knitted fabrics for everyone!

First, knitted fabrics will plug the net when printing

It is a headache to plug the knitted fabric when printing on knitted fabrics because there are too many hairs in the gray fabric. The main reason is that the knitted fabrics are different from the woven fabrics in the pre-treatment process. It is easy to fuzz when handling cloth, so this phenomenon occurs when printing.

Solution: 1. The warehouse should strengthen the inspection of grey fabrics. For knitted fabrics of poor quality, the warehouse must notify customers in a timely manner, communicate with them to explain the reasons, and give solutions; 2. Adjust the process of knitted fabrics in a timely manner. And increase the number of times of washing, try to reduce the hair to the minimum; 3, when the semi-finished product is set, increase the flow of the rolling groove, let the flowing water wash away some of the hair.

Second, there are many holes in the finished knitted fabric

The holes in the finished knitted fabric are mainly caused by the following reasons: holes in itself; holes caused by mechanical damage; holes caused by human factors.

Solution: 1. Carefully inspect the grey fabric with many neps, yarn breaks or yarn counts, and promptly notify the customer to handle it; 2. Choose a smooth and high-performance machine cylinder to handle the knitted fabric.

Third, the problem of gram weight in knitted fabric production

In general, customers pay more attention to the weight of knitted fabrics, and it is also an important part of the quality of knitted fabrics for printing and dyeing companies.

In order to ensure the gram weight of each batch of knitted fabrics, measures need to be taken: 1. To check the quality of the gray fabric, generally the gram weight of the original fabric can meet the weight requirement of the finished product, but if the weight of the semi-finished fabric does not reach the predetermined weight Requirements, then the finished product is difficult to meet the requirements of gram weight; 2, reasonable selection of machinery and equipment, process operations, dye additives.

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