What are the characteristics of knitted fabrics


When the knitted fabric is subjected to an external force of crease, the loop can be transferred to adapt to the deformation of the force; when the crease force disappears, the transferred yarn can quickly recover and maintain the original state.


There are large gaps in the structure of the knitted fabric, which has a large deformation ability. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, softness, moisture absorption and permeability. Various shapes that are not available are better suited for irregular human bodies. Compared with woven fabrics of the same weight, the comfort of knitted fabrics is better.


The structure is loose, easy to wear, and low in strength, especially when the yarn is broken or the loop is separated from the string sleeve, the separation of the thread and the loop will occur. This property is unique to the knitted fabric. Generally speaking, the easy disassembly of knitted fabrics will affect the appearance and fastness of wearing, so the fabrics have poor durability.

4. Scalability

The same yarn in the knitted fabric forms a horizontal or vertical connection. When it is retracted in one direction, it can be stretched in all directions, with great flexibility and good elasticity. Therefore, it is flexible and fits well, which can reflect the curve of the human body without hindering movement.


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