What Kind Of Fabric Is Polyester Fiber, Viscose Fiber, And Nylon?

September 06, 2021

Pure cotton and linen are our common clothing fabrics. We may not know some chemical fiber or man-made fiber fabrics. For example, polyester fiber, viscose, and nylon are all fabrics with a wide range of applications. Let me introduce myself to you. These three kinds of fabrics, including introducing their characteristics and uses.

Let’s first understand polyester fiber. It is what we often say. The polyester fiber material is cheap, the production process is simple and it can be produced in large quantities. Therefore, the price of this type of fabric will be lower than that of natural cotton and linen fabric. It is used as a chemical fiber fabric. Polyester has extremely high strength and toughness, so polyester clothing is generally more wear-resistant, polyester fiber has good water absorption but relatively general air permeability, and it will be more stuffy if you wear this type of fabric in summer. As for the use of polyester fiber, it is mainly used in the field of clothing. T-shirts, sportswear, and underwear can all be produced with polyester. In industrial production, polyester is also used, such as conveyor belts and other products.

Polyester fabric

Then look at viscose fiber (viscose fiber). This fabric is made of natural wood pulp. The overall feel of the fabric is very similar to that of pure cotton. The viscose fabric has a soft feel, and its moisture absorption and breathability are very good. , So viscose clothes are very comfortable after wearing. The viscose fiber is easy to dye and the fabric has a good color fixation. It is not easy to fade after washing or wearing for a long time. Therefore, it is suitable for the production of personal clothing. Commonly used are viscose T-shirts, underwear, and pajamas.

Viscose fabric

The last is nylon, which is also a chemical fiber fabric like polyester fiber. People also call it nylon. The biggest difference between nylon and polyester is that nylon is elastic, so nylon fabric will quickly return to its original shape after being pulled without leaving wrinkles. Of course, nylon also has good abrasion resistance, and the fabric is washable and not prone to pilling. It is used more in swimwear and sportswear.

Nylon fabric

The above is our overview of polyester fiber, viscose fiber, and nylon. Our company also has the above 3 kinds of fabrics for sale. Small partners who need to buy fabrics can contact us.

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