Some Common Silk Digital Printing Fabrics

September 21, 2021

There are many kinds of silk, each of which has different texture and effect. Introduce several common silk fabrics:

1. Crepe de Chine: after high temperature setting, it has good wrinkle resistance. The fabric has stable structure, high dyeing saturation and bright color. The advantage of heavy crepe is that the fabric has better sag and stronger wrinkle resistance. This kind of silk is more finely woven, less easy to hook and more durable. It has a natural luster when held in your hand, but it is not as bright as satin and is easier to take care of.

2. Qiaoqi: there are thin and transparent Qiaoqi and rotten flower Qiaoqi, as well as thick and waxy heavy Qiaoqi. Joe's advantage lies in his elegance and lightness; Heavy Joe has the advantages of straightness, strong resilience and good sag.

Georgette can be said to be a commonly used fabric. Georgette is characterized by lightness and transparency. As a skirt in summer, it has elegant beauty and is very suitable for young mm. However, this fabric is easy to hook, wrinkle and wear. Heavy Joe is a finely woven Georgette with high density and heavy weight, so it is much better in texture, sagging, wrinkle resistance and wear resistance.

3. Mulberry Satin: it is a conventional fabric among silk fabrics. The satin texture is clear, antique and very noble.

4. Plain crepe satin; It is a conventional silk fabric. The bright satin is very noble, smooth and dense; The shrinkage of the fabric is relatively large, and the luster decreases after water. This kind of fabric is easy to wrinkle, so after ironing, it will be smooth and can perfectly flash its luster; Satin is a very noble fabric. Some mature women prefer it. Some domestic brands basically use this kind of fabric for middle-aged and elderly silk clothing. Some designs use this kind of fabric to make it really beautiful, noble and highly famous.

5. Elastic plain crepe satin: a new fabric, composed of 90% - 95% mulberry silk and 5% - 10% spandex. It is an interwoven fabric. It is characterized by good elasticity, comfort, relatively small shrinkage and unique style. This is not 100% pure silk. Other ingredients are added. The fabric is elastic and has good sag. It depends on the proportion of real silk. The larger the proportion of real silk, the more silk feels and the more beautiful the luster.

6. Shuanggong silk / silk: also known as Thai silk, it is reeled with silkworm shuanggong cocoon as raw material. It can also be mixed with a certain proportion of upper cocoon or secondary cocoon in the batch of double Palace cocoons. Double Palace silk is characterized by thick and knobby silk strips, obvious irregular bumps on the surface, firm and thick texture, and unique style of the fabric. Because the double Palace silk surface has the special style of flash and bumps, it is also called pimple silk. The double Palace silk is crisp and shiny, but the luster is not as bright as satin, but relatively restrained and low-key, showing high-grade. Because of its crisp texture, it is generally used as dress, autumn dress and less in summer. In fact, this kind of silk is much more expensive than ordinary silk. It belongs to high-grade silk fabric. However, because of the bumps on the surface, it is very easy to misunderstand that the clothes are badly scratched, which is expensive and the quality is still so poor.

7. Warp knitting: soft, delicate, soft and comfortable. It is a new and special knitting fabric with high scientific and technological content. It is a high-grade high-quality product.

This is knitted silk. This kind of fabric is very expensive, and now there are many knitted fabrics made of silk mixed with other fabrics instead of 100% silk. The specific content depends on experts.

8. Chiffon: it is the scientific name of silk georgette. But why list Chiffon separately. Because now the chiffon in the market is chemical fiber chiffon, not silk georgette. Chiffon can also be divided into good and bad. Most of chiffon in the market are low-grade, and there are many low-cost chiffon, that is, low-grade. Of course, there are still many kinds of silk products, which can not be listed one by one. Each fabric has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Silk clothes are comfortable and beautiful, especially suitable for summer, but at the same time, they are delicate, difficult to take care of and wear. It depends on everyone's needs. It is most important to choose suitable fabrics.

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