Popular Yarn | Coral Fleece: Coral-like Appearance, Colorful!

August 16, 2021

Coral fleece: as the name implies, it’s a kind of coral-like fabric. The fiber is as light and soft as coral. Its raw material is polyester superfine fiber. Due to the fineness of the monofilament, it feels very soft and delicate. Moreover, it has good coverage, is not easy to fade, and is not easy to pilling.

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      Coral fleece has made great breakthroughs in technology through continuous product improvement and upgrades in recent years. The main new processes include "cutting flowers", "air-jet embossing", "offset embossing", etc., which add a sense of hierarchy to the original monotonous picture.


fabric features:


      The texture is fine, soft to the touch, does not ball, and does not fade, but it will slightly shed due to the principle of weaving. Excellent water absorption performance is three times that of cotton products. No irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is a cotton bathrobe substitute product that has just emerged in China.


Process flow: 

      As market competition continues to intensify, printing and dyeing factories are required to develop in the direction of small batches, multiple varieties, and fast delivery. However, coral fleece is produced under such a market economy, which conforms to the needs of modern market development. As we all know, the dyeing process of polyester coral fleece fabric is much simpler than the dyeing process of T/C coral fleece, printed coral fleece and other fabrics, and its profit is considerable. Various finished products made by dyeing have a large consumer market. Therefore, it is well received by customers and consumers.


      Among them, as far as single-sided coral fleece is concerned, A-side coral fleece is better than B-side coral fleece. Because the weaving method of A side coral fleece is different from that of B side coral fleece, the A side coral fleece belongs to the front weaving of the loom, while the B side is the reverse side. When slitting the width, only the height of the hair on the front side is not taken into consideration whether the height of the hair on the back side is neat or not, resulting in a certain difference in the woven fabric. However, double-sided coral fleece is more expensive than single-sided coral fleece grey cloth. Literally, it can be known that double-sided coral fleece is more expensive than single-sided coral fleece. In the whole process, double-sided coral fleece has one more important process than single-sided coral fleece-napping. Double-sided coral fleece needs to be napped to achieve the effect of fluffing on the reverse side, while single-sided coral fleece does not need to be napped. Therefore, there is a big gap between the two processing costs. Generally, the processing cost of double-sided coral fleece is higher than that of single-sided coral fleece. Around 7%. In view of the large market for finished coral fleece, the coral fleece industry has shown an upward trend in recent years. Therefore, businesses are constantly innovating and designing more coral fleece products.


      For example, gloves, dressing gowns, fashionable scarves, bath skirts, bathrobes, blankets, slippers, etc. are common on the market. Many products are made of coral fleece. This is due to its high fiber density, coral-like, soft body like coral. In addition, its fine texture, no hair loss, no balling, no fading, excellent water absorption performance, no skin irritation, no allergies, and beautiful appearance, so it is deeply loved by consumers.

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