Lace Fabrics Are Very Versatile

November 20, 2019

Lace fabric usually refers to embroidered fabrics, also called embroidered fabrics. At present, lace fabrics are usually used as accessories in clothing. Because of its exquisite luxury and romantic characteristics, it is now the main The frequency of materials has gradually increased. Generally used on small tails or straight styles, covered on other fabrics, can reflect the female's exquisite figure. If lace is used as an accessory, it can be used on any style.

Lace fabrics are very versatile and can cover the entire textile industry. All textile jealousy can add some beautiful lace elements. Lace lace is relatively thin! Even the multi-layer design will not feel very thick, and the reason for the thinness will give a cool feeling, and this design has a bias towards sweetness! The lace fabric is light and light due to the thin texture Transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effects, it is widely used in women's underwear.

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