Fabric | Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rayon Fabric

September 16, 2021

Advantages of rayon fabric:

1. Viscose fiber is renewable, and the production cost is lower than other fibers.

2. Rayon has good hygroscopicity. It is the most hygroscopic of all fibers, so the fabric has good air permeability.

3. The fabric has high strength and is not easy to break.

4. Rayon has excellent spinnability, easy dyeing and no static electricity. 


Disadvantages of rayon fabric:

1. Human cotton fabric has poor wear resistance and is easy to be damaged by long-time friction.

2. Chemical substances will be produced in the production process, which will pollute the environment.

3. Human cotton fabric is not resistant to washing and will shrink after repeated washing.

4. Viscose fiber is not acid-base resistant, so neutral detergent should be used when washing.

5. Synthetic fibers have the disadvantage of easy fuzzing.


Application of rayon fabric:

1. The rayon blended with polypropylene fine has a fluffy feeling and can be used to make suits and blankets.

2. The fiber has small specific gravity and large coverage capacity. It can be used to weave hats, bags and other accessories.

3. Viscose fiber can have better luster and color fastness after blending with other fibers, and can be used to make underwear or coat.

4. In addition to clothing, rayon can also be used in industry, such as conveyor belts and cord threads.

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