Fabric | Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nylon Fabric

September 10, 2021

Advantages of nylon fabric:

Nylon is a synthetic fiber, so it has better mechanical strength and toughness, and its tensile and compression angle is even higher than that of metal. These characteristics determine that nylon fabric has high practicability and will have a wide range of application scenarios. Because of these characteristics, nylon is often used to produce waterproof clothing, assault clothing and some clothing accessories.

Nylon has extremely high heat resistance and high crystallinity. Nylon can be used normally at a high temperature of 150 ℃, so nylon is not easy to cause fabric damage due to high temperature during processing.

Outstanding fatigue resistance is a major feature of nylon fabric. Even if the fabric is twists and turns repeatedly, it is not easy to lose strength. It is often used in periodic fatigue occasions, such as bicycle rims and handrails of escalators. Therefore, the application of nylon is not limited to the field of clothing.

Nylon itself is non-toxic and tasteless. The produced clothing will not cause harm to human body. At the same time, nylon is easy to dye and shape, which provides convenience for clothing design and production.

It has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can resist corrosive substances such as gasoline, alcohol and salt. Therefore, clothes produced with nylon fabric will have strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can be said that it is a fabric that is easy to take care of. Washing can be directly thrown into the washing machine. It can be said that it is a necessary garment for lazy people.

Finally, because the price of nylon cloth is not high, the price of this kind of clothing is not high.

Disadvantages of nylon fabric:

The water absorption capacity is poor. It will be very stuffy to wear nylon clothes in hot summer, so it is recommended to wear linen and other clothes with good air permeability in summer.

Nylon has weak antistatic ability, and it is common for clothes to have static electricity, because static electricity is easy to stimulate human skin and has a great impact on human health in the long run. Therefore, if you want to wear nylon clothes in dry weather, it is recommended to spray some water mist first.

Although nylon is resistant to high temperature, it is not resistant to low temperature. This defect is determined by the fiber characteristics, and it is generally difficult to improve it.

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