Washing and maintenance of knitted fabrics


1. A variety of detergents can be used, and can be washed by hand, but not chlorine bleaching.

2. White clothes can be washed at high temperature with strong alkaline detergent to play the role of bleaching.

3. The soaking time of the fabric should not be too long to avoid discoloration of the fabric.

4. It should be dry in the shade, avoiding exposure, so as to prevent dark clothes from fading. When drying in the sun, turn the inside out.

5. Be sure to wash separately from other clothes, and do not wash them together.

6. Do not wring to avoid wrinkling.


1. Underwear cannot be soaked in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots.

2. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid wet fabrics, so as to avoid moldy spots on the fabrics.

3, wash and dry, separate dark and light colors, it is best not to put together, put camphor pills, to avoid insects.

4, avoid prolonged exposure, so as not to reduce the fastness and cause discoloration and yellowing, especially the sun exposure.

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