The application of knitted fabrics is very wide

Knitted cloth is a fabric formed by using knitting needles to bend yarns into loops and twist each other. It is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting. At present, knitted fabrics have been widely used in clothing fabrics and linings, home textiles and other products. Today, Xiaobian came to popularize the knowledge about knitted fabrics for everyone.

Advantages of knitted fabrics

1. Scalability. Knitted clothes are made of yarns that are bent into loops and connected to each other. There is a large amount of room for expansion and contraction on the top and bottom and left and right of the loop. Therefore, it has good elasticity, which can make people fit and fit when wearing, comfortable and convenient. Requirements for stretching and bending during human movement.

2. Softness. The raw material used for knitted clothes is fluffy and soft yarn, and the surface of the cloth has a layer of fine suede, and the tissue composed of loops is loose and porous, which can reduce the friction between the skin and the surface when worn, which can give people A comfortable and gentle feeling.

3. Hygroscopicity and breathability. Because the coils forming the knitted fabric are set in series with each other, countless isolated air bags are formed inside, so it has good moisture absorption and breathability.

4, Anti-wrinkle. When the knitting cloth is subjected to the external force of the crease, the loop can be transferred to adapt to the deformation when the force is applied; when the crease force disappears, the transferred yarn can quickly recover and maintain the original state.

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