What Are The Wedding Fabrics?

September 09, 2021

A set of seemingly simple wedding dresses, but there are many fabrics to choose from. Next, I will solve the two problems of what wedding dress fabrics are available and how much they want to correspond to.

Wedding dress fabric

Organza: Organza is a common fabric used in the production of wedding dresses. The raw material for organza can be polyester or silk. The vast majority of organza sold in the market are made of polyester because Polyester is wear-resistant and low in cost. The price of one meter of polyester organza is generally less than 10 yuan. The organza gauze is light, thin and elegant, and has a hard hand feel, but it is relatively crisp. It is the first choice for the production of wedding dresses.

Chiffon fabric: like organza, chiffon is also a relatively thin fabric. Its raw material is polyester. Chiffon has a good drape. In addition to the production of wedding dresses, it can also produce summer women's clothing. Chiffon is affordable. , Chiffon clothes are very popular in summer, and the price of chiffon fabrics is generally between 20 and 30 yuan per meter.

Lace fabric: Lace fabric has exquisite patterns and can be used in the production of wedding accessories. Of course, it can also be used as the main material of wedding dresses. The raw material of lace is polyester. For example, lace wedding dresses sold by some wedding brands are more expensive, but expensive Is valuable. The price of lace fabric per meter is about 30 yuan, of course, its price is also related to the design process.

Silk wedding dress: Silk is soft and smooth and has good drape. It is the most expensive of all the above-mentioned fabrics. It is mainly made of mulberry silk. Its quality is better than the above-mentioned several fabrics. Of course, it is of good quality. The price is generally high, and you need to consider your own budget when choosing a wedding dress. The price of real silk fabrics made of 100% mulberry silk is hundreds of yuan per meter, mainly in the range of 200 to 400 yuan.

The above is some knowledge about wedding dress fabrics. Our company also sells wedding dress fabrics, friends who need to buy can contact us to buy.

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