How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Lace Fabrics?

November 13, 2019

Ordinary lace: soft and loose, general elasticity, no three-dimensional sense, unclear pattern, and impermeable lace. Basically, one or two washing starts to run out of spandex.

From the appearance: high-quality lace fabric products, more exquisite workmanship, clearer printing, the pattern should be uniform and flat. The fabric is comfortable, and the density and color of all lace should be uniform.

From the sense of smell: smell. Good quality products generally have a fresh and natural odor and no odor. If you open the package and smell pungent odors such as acid odor, it is probably because the formaldehyde or pH in the product exceeds the standard, it is best not to buy.

From the sense of touch: the finely-made lace fabric feels comfortable and delicate, has tightness, and does not feel rough and loose. Testing pure cotton products, you can draw a few filaments to ignite it. It is normal to emit a burning paper smell when burning. You can also twist the ashes with your hands. There is no indication that it is a pure cotton product, and if there is an indication, it contains chemical fibers.

Inferior lace surface is uneven, the size difference is too big, the color and luster are uneven and it is easy to deform. When you buy lace fabrics, you must pay attention to the above points. Do not be greedy for cheap and buy inferior lace fabrics.

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