Fabric | What Is Chiffon Fabric And What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

September 15, 2021

The scientific name of chiffon is georgette. The silk fabric is woven through strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft. The density of chiffon fabric is small, so the material is light, thin and transparent. In addition to its good elasticity and breathability, people After wearing it, it will have good comfort. Chiffon is suitable for making banquet dresses, dresses and silk scarves.

Chiffon fabrics have good latitude and longitude and good air permeability. Especially in summer, chiffon fabrics have become a necessity for fashionable women. If you want your clothes to rise and shrink freely and have more elasticity, you can try a skirt made of "stretch chiffon". The elegant and cool skirt is the icing on the cake for female friends.

Classification of chiffon:

Chiffon is mainly divided into three types of silk chiffon, rayon chiffon, and polyester silk chiffon. Although they are all chiffon, the performance of different types of fabrics is very different. The price of silk chiffon will be more The prices of other types are much higher.

Chiffon identification method:

Chiffon is mainly used to identify the true and false by the smell after burning:

After burning, it emits white smoke and smells, and the ashes are broken into real chiffon. There are other situations for fake chiffon

Chiffon clothing maintenance method:

1. Chiffon clothing will be deformed after being hung for a long time, it is best to lay it flat.

2. Don't get wet. If you accidentally stick it on and get wet, stretch it and iron it, otherwise it will shrink.

3. Chiffon clothing should be placed in a cloth pocket after it is not worn to avoid direct contact with the air.

4. If you accidentally stick to the oily dirt, first use a paper towel to absorb the stain, and then wipe off the stain with soda water

The name of chiffon comes from the sound and meaning of French (CHIFFE). It refers to a light and transparent fabric. The scientific name is "George". It belongs to the spinning product in silk products. Chiffon is a popular clothing fabric in summer. Chiffon fabric is breathable and easy to wear. The upper part is also relatively cool, and the bright colors make it popular among young ladies. What are the advantages and disadvantages of chiffon fabrics?

Advantages of chiffon fabric:

1. Chiffon fabric feels soft and has good elasticity.

2. The air permeability is very good, so the clothes made of chiffon fabric will be cooler.

3. The abrasion resistance is very good, not easy to pilling and leaving wrinkles.

4. Elegant, cool and more feminine.

Disadvantages of chiffon fabric:

1. The drape of the chiffon fabric is not good, and it is easy to sag, deform and loosen when it swings, so it is best to fold it in the closet without hanging it.

2. Chiffon fabric clothes are generally only worn in summer, and basically have no warmth retention function.

3. The price of chiffon fabric is relatively high, and it is easy to age and fade, and it takes more energy to maintain.

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