Digital Printing Has Entered A Growth Period, And Its Technical Advantages Have Further Emerged

September 09, 2021

From the major fashion weeks, it is found that printing has become an element favored by major designers, and the printing patterns are more diversified. "The future development of the garment industry is bound to develop towards small batch personalized customization, which requires garment enterprises to have rapid development ability and agile manufacturing power, which are inseparable from digital printing.

The digital ink-jet printing of textiles began in the 1970s and completed the transformation from technical model to production application in the 1990s. It has developed rapidly since 2000. It has experienced the transformation process from proofing mainly used in the early stage of textile printing and dyeing to small-scale production and then to large-scale production. The global volume of digital ink-jet printing of textiles has doubled almost every two years since 2001 The trend of accelerating development.

With the substantial increase in the output of digital printing and the rapid development of technology, digital printing has entered a growth period and attracted more and more attention from the market. What are the major differences between digital printing and traditional printing? What are the technical advantages? The absolute advantages of digital printing are explained from the following three points:

Firstly, the production process of digital printing greatly shortens the original process flow, has higher efficiency and faster order receiving speed. Digital printing gets rid of the process of color separation, drawing, production and screen making of traditional printing, and greatly reduces the setting out time, so as to realize the production process of small batch and fast response.

Secondly, digital printing technology uses digital patterns, and through computer color measurement, color matching and spray printing, so that the colors of digital printing products can reach 16.7 million in theory, breaking through the color registration restrictions of traditional textile printing and dyeing patterns, especially in the printing of high-precision patterns such as color gradient and moire, digital printing has incomparable advantages in technology.

Finally, the technical advantages of digital printing enable it to achieve low energy consumption and pollution-free production.

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