Common Embroidered Clothing Fabrics

June 20, 2020

Embroidered clothing is also called "embroidered clothing". A kind of traditional Chinese arts and crafts clothing. It is the use of silk, wool, metal or other texture yarns in certain parts of the clothing to embroider the designed patterns by hand or machine.

The main processes are color embroidery, pull embroidery, cross-stitch embroidery, thread embroidering, bead embroidery, flash film embroidery, etc.

Womenswear mostly uses elegant floral patterns; there are also series of apparel that use embroidery patterns as the overall clothing design element. Menswear uses regular geometric patterns; childrenswear uses humorous and lively cartoon patterns. Adult clothing often uses natural color thread or similar color thread, and children's clothing uses multi-color embroidery.

1. Three-dimensional embroidery, using polyurethane foam to make the embroidery have a three-dimensional effect. Put the foam on the fabric and embroider on it. Perform high-density needle embroidery and shred the foam to remove the foam.

2. Appliqué, an ornament cut from a piece of fabric and sewn to other fabrics, usually with needles on the edges. It can increase the size and (or) texture of a pattern, and can also be used for saving or decoration purposes. Patches are often used to reduce the number of stitches in the entire embroidery. Fabrics that cannot be completed with embroidery (such as continuous color printing), and decorative underlayers that are difficult to embroider directly.

3. Rear patch, use a patch behind the pattern. The front part of the pattern will be removed so that the back part of it is displayed.

4. Backing, used under the pattern to be embroidered to stabilize and support the needle for embroidering materials. The effect is best when the pattern is framed by the embroidery frame, but the backing can also be placed between the pattern to be embroidered and the needle plate of the flatbed machine. There are many styles and weights of backings, generally mentioned are shearing and tearing.

5. Terry-style flower thread, a kind of looped yarn that can produce rough, blocky appearance on woven and knitted fabrics.

6. Bolton, a kind of needle similar to herringbone needle, the difference is that its alternating needles are parallel to each other, which can form a "Z". Generally used for embroidered fabric patch.

7. Flocking pattern, a kind of decoration that puts letters or patterns on the fabric through wax paper with glue or powder. Also called suede imitation or imitation sheepskin.

8. Fancy color needle, a type of needle. A device for producing reinforced edges on scalloped fabrics, for example, for strong cut edges.


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