Types of knitted fabrics

Circular woven fabric

Or weft knitted fabric. The main products are: knitted jersey, cotton woolen cloth, ribbed cloth, mesh cloth, fleece, air layer, polyester cover, terry cloth, brushed cloth, cut pile cloth, artificial fur, etc. Methods such as: flat rib change organization, jacquard organization, loop organization, yarn organization, padding organization, terry change organization, etc. Due to the different stitching patterns of the weaving method, there will be many changes in the same product, such as: small mesh, pearl mesh, pineapple grid, waffle grid, and so on.

Flat woven fabric

Or called warp knitted fabric. The main products are: flat knit rib, woolen sweater fabric, yarn knitted fabric, warp knitted plain fabric, warp knitted mesh fabric, warp knitted suede, warp knitted fleece fabric, warp knitted terry fabric, warp knitted towel fabric and many more.

In addition to the original basis, changes in raw materials (cotton, hemp, silk, chemical fiber, wool, organic hemp, bamboo fiber, corn fiber, seaweed fiber, etc. and blends), and dyeing changes (dyeing, dyeing, and spinning) process changes ( Jacquard, interlacing, compounding, brushing, flocking, rotten flowers, washing water, stone grinding, coating), etc., will reproduce many varieties.

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