How To Choose Clothing Fabrics

September 04, 2021

Clothing fabric is the material used to make the appearance of clothing.

It is usually divided into two parts: fabric and lining. Because some clothes have no lining, the most important thing in making clothes is fabric.

As fabrics usually account for more than 30% of the garment cost, the quality of garment fabrics has a great impact on the finished products.

Fabric is the first consideration when making clothes. Friction, static electricity and sweat sticking during sports will reduce the comfort. How to choose fabrics?

1. Look at the appearance; The gloss, structure and composition of the fabric.

2. Touch: is it rough, dry, soft and thick,

Fanxi textile

3. Special finishing of fabrics: coating, calendering, roughening, etc,

4. Special functions of the fabric: waterproof, anti-static, anti ultraviolet, oil stain, etc.

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