Seven advantages of knitted fabrics

Advantages of knitted fabrics:

Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric: The fabric has bright color, beautiful appearance, and matching colors. The texture is tight and thick, the texture is clear, and the hair type is strong. It has a wool-like tweed style. Mainly used as men's and women's tops, suits, windbreakers, vests, skirts, jackets, children's clothing, etc .;

Advantages of knitted fabrics:

Polyester knitted labor fabric: This kind of fabric is compact and thick, firm and abrasion-resistant, structured and elastic. If the core material containing spandex is used as the raw material, it can be woven into elastic knitted denim with better elasticity. Trousers mainly used for men's and women's tops;

Three advantages of knitted fabrics:

Polyester knitted wick strip fabric: The fabric has distinct bumps, feels thick and plump, and has good elasticity and warmth. Mainly used in men's and women's tops, suits, trench coats, children's clothing and other fabrics;

Four advantages of knitted fabrics:

Polyester-cotton knitted fabric: This fabric is dyed for shirts, jackets, and sportswear fabrics. The fabric is stiff and anti-wrinkle, firm and abrasion resistant, moisture-absorbing and breathable on the side, soft and comfortable;

Five advantages of knitted fabrics:

Artificial fur needle fabric: The fabric feels thick, soft and warm. According to different varieties, it is mainly used for coat fabrics, clothing linings, collars, hats, etc. Artificial fur is also woven using warp knitting.

Six advantages of knitted fabrics:

Velvet knitted fabric: The fabric feels soft, thick, firm and abrasion-resistant, the fluff is thick and towering, and the color is soft. Mainly used as outerwear fabric, collar or hat materials. It can also be made with warp knitting, for example: warp-knitted terry cut fabric;

Seven advantages of knitted fabrics:

Hong Kong type knitted woolen cloth: It has the smooth, waxy, soft and bulky feel of cashmere fabric, and the silk fabric has the characteristics of soft gloss, good drape, non-shrinking and breathability. Mainly used as spring, autumn and winter fashion fabrics.

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